Harrisburg/York Drug Possession Defense Attorney Answers: “What are the penalties or consequences for Possession of a Small Amount of Marijuana and Drug Possession in PA?”

The penalties and consequences for Possession of a Small Amount of Marijuana and Drug Possession vary depending upon the facts and circumstances of your case, which is why we handle your accusations on an individualized case-by-case basis with a personalized approach. However, generally, there are penalties and consequences that all persons facing such accusations could be subject to.

First and foremost, like any criminal accusation, a drug possession charge could result in a conviction. If you receive a conviction for a drug offense, this will result in a life-long blemish on the face of your criminal record. As such, this could negatively impact your ability to maintain your current employment or obtain future employment in certain fields or occupations. Given the current state of the economy and job market, a drug conviction is a strike against you that you don’t need.

Second, upon conviction and depending upon your criminal history or lack thereof, you could face jail, probation, fines, costs, and other negative consequences. Don’t go at it alone – always have a defense lawyer by your side.

Third, a specific and often overlooked or unknown penalty for a drug conviction is a license suspension. Further, from a license suspension standpoint, drug convictions are considered a recidivist offense. Essentially, the license suspension you are subject to can increase each time you are convicted of a drug offense. For example, the first time you are convicted of a drug crime, you would be subject to a 6 month license suspension. Upon a second conviction for drug possession, you could receive a 1 year suspension. Finally, for a third or subsequent conviction, you would face a 2 year license suspension. As such, whether or not the drug conviction itself precludes you from maintaining or obtaining gainful employ, the license suspension itself could impede the same.

When you have been accused of Possession of a Small Amount of Marijuana or Drug Possession, you need a drug defense attorney who has the knowledge and experience in handling these cases in order to mitigate, if not eliminate, some or all of the potential penalties or consequences you face.

In order to meet your objectives, we will develop a personal and strategic approach to provide a detailed evaluation and assessment of your options and the risks/rewards associated with the same. Was there an illegal seizure or search? Are there legal and/or factual defenses? Are there diversionary programs that may allow you to avoid a conviction and/or license suspension?

If you have been accused of drug possession, do not delay in obtaining an evaluation of your case. It is important that we become involved at the inception of your case beginning with the preliminary hearing. Contact a PA Drug Defense Lawyer for a free, initial phone consultation today.

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