FAQ Series: “Do I need a criminal defense attorney for my Preliminary Hearing at Adams County Central Court in Gettysburg, PA?”

If you were sick and it was apparent that the illness was not just going away, would you go to a doctor?


If you learned you had a brain tumor, would you seek treatment from your family doctor or a neurosurgeon?

A neurosurgeon.

Similarly, if you have been accused of crime, you should seek the representation of a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense lawyer familiar with the Adams County Criminal Justice System who can diagnose your problem and develop a strategy that will remedy the criminal charges that ail you. Unless you enjoy being placed in a less than advantageous position in comparison to that of those prosecuting you, you should not attempt to handle your criminal case on your own or seek representation from anyone other than attorney whose practice is concentrated in criminal defense.

Specifically, as it relates to your Preliminary Hearing at Adams County Central Court, in Gettysburg, representation by a PA Criminal Defense Attorney familiar with that jurisdiction at this level will put you in the best position to maximize the final result in your case. At this level, we will be able to build a foundation for implementing a personalized strategy through the conclusion of your case in an effort to obtain a well-defined objective.

Typically, when you appear for your Preliminary Hearing at Central Court, your case will be assigned to a specific prosecuting attorney that we can engage in negotiations in this early stage of your case. Being afforded the opportunity to implement our strategy for your case at the inception of the judicial process may enable us to bring your case towards a meaningful resolution that you find reasonable and acceptable based on the immediate or prospective outcome or consequences. Alternatively, we may find that we can only agree to disagree with the prosecution concerning our position in the case. As such, we would want to seize this opportunity to begin the litigation process and buiding a defense to the accusations that have been leveled against you.

Regardless of the nature of the charges or your ultimate objective, you should consult with a criminal defense lawyer before proceeding blindly toward your preliminary hearing and beyond. Contact me today for your free, initial phone consultation.

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