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It’s the news no parent ever wants to receive: your child has been arrested, or is being charged with a crime. In an age where law enforcement has become increasingly involved in the lives of juveniles, the reality is that this can and does happen to many children. Even for behavior that once resulted in nothing more than a call to the principal’s office, even young juveniles can find themselves quickly in the crosshairs of law enforcement. For those under the age of 18, most will then face charges in the juvenile justice system.

If your child is facing juvenile or criminal charges, you may wish to see your child learn from his or her mistakes. However, the consequences of a brush with the law can have life long impacts, and many parents who “go it alone” find themselves surprised to learn how destructive a seemingly minor issue is to their child’s future. It is important as a parent to do everything you can to support your child and protect his or her rights. This means first finding a trusted juvenile defense attorney who can help you navigate this extremely important matter. Our team of experienced attorneys at Colgan & Associates provide knowledgeable and compassionate defense that you need if your child is facing criminal charges.

How Can A Juvenile Defense Attorney Help?

At Colgan & Associates, we understand that children make mistakes and parents want those mistakes to provide life-lessons. However, a parent never wants to see their child in a situation where the life-lesson may bear life-altering consequences on a future that the child cannot foresee. We also understand that juveniles, like adults, can find themselves wrongfully accused, facing serious consequences. The child, and his or her parents, will quickly find themselves up against a system that is very difficult for any child to navigate.

Simply put, a negative outcome in the juvenile system could substantially limit what a child may be able to accomplish in their life.This is where a juvenile defense attorney can help. We work with you in an effort to ensure that the juvenile criminal accusations are a speed bump, and not a roadblock, on your child’s road to a meaningful future. Through our experience and understanding of the juvenile system, we will help find the right strategy to limit negative and long-lasting impact on your child’s future, and work toward a resolution that allows him or her to move forward from this situation.

Why Choose A Proven Juvenile Defense Attorney?

Children and young adults have so much future ahead of them, which can be drastically altered by a juvenile crime. A long stay at a secure detention center, jail time (if charged as an adult), fines, probation, and other criminal punishments can seriously affect your child’s future plans for work, school and other endeavors. Although some assume that juvenile records “disappear” once the juvenile becomes an adult, this is not always the case.A negative outcome in the juvenile system can haunt your child well into adulthood.

With an experienced and respected juvenile defense attorney on your side, you stand a far better chance of navigating this challenging bend in the road smoothly and safely.

By choosing a juvenile defense attorney with a proven track record of positive outcomes, you will gain the assurance and peace of mind that your matter is in capable hands and that your child’s future is of highest importance. Most importantly, you will have a trusted advisor on your side who can offer sound counsel and support throughout every step of the process.

Consequences Of A Juvenile Act

Generally speaking, juvenile cases are handled in the juvenile system, where a “delinquent act” is any act committed by a juvenile that would be a crime if committed by an adult. An “adjudication of delinquency” is the juvenile equivalent of a criminal conviction. Juveniles, like adults, are considered innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, the rules and processes involved are very different from the adult criminal justice system.

In certain circumstances involving very serious allegations, a prosecutor can elect to file adult criminal charges against a juvenile. Where this is the case, the juvenile faces the same process, and almost all of the same possible consequences, as an adult charged with the same offense. The consequences, though unique to every case, can be particularly dire for juveniles because of the profound and lasting impact a conviction could have on their future.

If charged with any criminal offense, it is advisable to get experienced juvenile defense counsel immediately. Even offenses such as underage drinking need the experience and knowledge of a juvenile defense lawyer. Particularly in these cases, there may be options available that allow the child to experience accountability while avoiding a permanent impact on his or her future.

No matter what your child’s case entails, it is still crucial to speak with an attorney to determine the best course of action for your child’s defense. Remember, in today’s society of high-tech gadgets, cell phones and social networks, your child’s mistakes can affect him or her for a lifetime.

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Especially for matters that involve juveniles, it’s important to engage professional legal counsel right from the start. The future of your child, and you entire family is at stake. Trust the law firm that has handled hundreds of juvenile defense cases in Central Pennsylvania. Turn to Colgan & Associates. Call us at (717) 790-2048.

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