Will Pennsylvania Tighten Its Prescription Drug Laws?

A new bill is poised to give Pennsylvania’s pharmacists more support, and help fighting a recent spike in overdoes deaths from prescription drugs.

Pennsylvania’s criminal lawyers can vouch for an increase in cases dealing with prescription drugs like Oxycontin. So what can this new bill do to help?

House Bill 317 was introduced by state Rep. Gene DiGirolamo, R-Bensalem and would establish the Pennsylvania Accountability Monitoring System. This would build a narcotics database that raises a flag for Pennsylvania’s doctors and pharmacists if a patient or customer has already received an adequate supply of drugs containing opiates or synthetic opiates.

According to the bill’s verbiage, the act would:

(1) Effectively enforce the limitations on access to PAMS (Pharmaceutical Accountability Monitoring System).

(2) Establish standards and procedures to ensure accurate identification of individuals requesting information or receiving information from PAMS.

(3) Allow adequate time following implementation of this chapter for dispensers, dispensing veterinarians and practitioners to make the changes to their operational systems necessary to comply with this chapter.

(4) Allow for dispensers and dispensing veterinarians to have ease of transition to comply with the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Accountability Monitoring System.

(5) Not place an undue burden on law enforcement seeking information related to an investigation.

On a simple level, the bill would aim to cut prescription drug abusers’ access to drugs. This would hopefully cut down on the number Pennsylvania criminal law cases that deal with prescription drugs, as well as fight the increase in overdose deaths in recent years.

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