Harrisburg/York PA Criminal Defense Lawyer Answers: “I’ve been charged with a crime of Retail Theft/Shoplifting in PA. What can a Theft Defense Attorney/Lawyer do for me?”

If you have been charged with a Retail Theft/Shoplifing offense, you face penalties that could have short- and long-term negative consequences on your life. Whether you have been accused of stealing from Target, Kohls, Sears, or another department store, a PA Retail Theft/Shoplifting Defense Lawyer can use their knowledge and experience to help you maximize your opportunities to obtain the best possible outcome based on the facts and circumstances in your case.

Define Your Objective(s)

From the inception of our involvement in your case, we will engage in a detailed evaluation. In addition to reviewing the facts specific to your charge, we will develop an understanding of you as a person, as this will assist us in identifying how the potential consequences may impact your personal life, employment, or otherwise. Based on this thorough evaluation, we will set realistic expectations and establish your goals concerning the outcome of your case.

Develop a Strategy

After defining your objectives, we will develop a strategy that will put you in the best position to obtain your desired outcome. This strategy will be fluid with contingency plans in place in order to adequately account for the variables (factors, circumstances, players) present in your case. It is important that we begin to implement this strategy at the earliest possible stage beginning with your Preliminary Hearing.

Keeping You Informed

In many cases, the process is marathon, not a sprint. For this reason, our assessment of your case is fluid and evolves with each step, each hearing throughout the criminal justice process. We recognize that many people do not have an adequate understanding of this process because it is not something you deal with on a consistent and regular basis. We do. Accordingly, we will continuously provide you an evolviing status at each stage of your case and a risk-reward assessment of your options as they become available.

Control Your Outcome

Like life, in your criminal case, you can only control that which you have the ability to control. You cannot undo the past and change the fact that you have been charged with a crime of Retail Theft/Shoplifting. What you do control is what happens from this point forward. Your best opportunity to control the final outcome of your case is to align yourself with an experienced and knowledgable PA Criminal Defense Attorney who will provide you individualized attention. Contact us today for your free, initial phone consultation.

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