Harrisburg/York PA Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Reports: Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse Scandal Catalyst for Passing of New Law Allowing Expert Testimony in Sexual Assault Cases

In response to attention drawn by the Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse Scandal and public outcry, Pennsylvania law now permits expert testimony at trial for sex crimes.

While the law will not allow direct opinion testimony by qualified experts concerning vicim/witness credibility, it will allow them to testify about the dynamics of, victims responses to, and the impact of sexual violence. Proponents of the bill have applauded its passing as a win for prosecutors.

For those accused of a sex crime, it has always been a difficult battle to maintain the presumption of innocence in the face of such stigmatizing accusations. With this new tool available to prosecutors, it becomes as important as ever to align yourself with an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in PA at the earliest possible stage of the criminal process.

If you have been charged with or you are under investigation for a sex crime, like rape or sexual assault, contact us today for a free, initial phone consultation.

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