Did Someone Really Get out of a Traffic Ticket Using a Rubik’s Cube?


You’ve probably heard a story or two about how a friend managed to get out of a speeding ticket using a little bit of smooth talking. The long arm of the law often finds their perpetrator, but the application of justice in cases such as traffic tickets occasionally lead to some leeway.

In one case, a quick-thinking magician was able to get himself out of a speeding ticket by impressing the officer with some slick Rubik’s Cube tricks.

Fine Disappears Like Magic

The Rubik’s Cube is a device that confounds many people, including members of law enforcement. In the right hands, this little device can look like magic. This is what magician Steven Brundage was counting on when he was caught going 42 miles per hour on a stretch of road with a 30 MPH limit.

When the Scotia Police Department officer asked Steven about all the cards in his car at three in the morning, the magic man admitted that he was going home from a holiday party. While the exact details are fragmentary, Mr. Brundage eventually coaxed the officer into becoming mesmerized with the Rubik’s Cube. After showing the officer how to solve it in less than twenty seconds, the magician channeled his inner conjurer to seal the deal.

Throwing the cube into the air after mixing the squares like he didn’t care, he solved the cube in less than one second and then proceeding to do it again to show it wasn’t beginner’s luck.

Attitude Makes A Big Difference

Often, police officers can come across as inscrutable, monolithic and intimidating, which hides the fact that they’re human. When law enforcement pulls you over to the curb, your attitude and cooperation with the police officer can make the difference between a court appearance and a verbal warning.

Consider the fact that police officers deal with the most unfortunate elements of society, and will likely respond well to a show of civility and even the occasional bit of appropriate humor. If it still doesn’t go well, know that you can seek legal advice.

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