All Synthetic Drugs Are Now Illegal in Pennsylvania

If you’re caught with any type of synthetic drug, you now need a criminal lawyer. A new law is giving police in Pennsylvania a hand in fighting drug crimes, as a new “blanket law” is making all types of synthetic drugs illegal.

Cpl. Gabriel Olivera of Harrisburg’s Criminal Investigations Division recently told FOX News:

“They (drug dealers and manufacturers) change the chemical compound so frequently that the laws never keep up with it and that was the biggest problem with the law.”

For years the people making the drugs have been able to stay one step ahead of the people making the laws. The slightest change to their compound could often circumvent the laws for an outlawed drug. This new law ends that.

The effects of this law have already been seen. In early July, an investigation revealed 4 convenience stores were averaging sales of 200 to 300 packets of synthetic marijuana each week raking in more than $55,000.
Officials say the blanket law was the driving force behind police making the largest synthetic marijuana drug bust in Harrisburg’s history.

If you have any questions about an aspect of Pennsylvania’s drug laws, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our criminal lawyers at any time.

  1. Jacob Mardis says:

    My brother who has paranoid schizophrenia is getting spice from the local tobacco store. If its illegal how is he able to obtain the synthetic drug from the store?

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