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Pennsylvania Police Intensify Interstate 80 Traffic Law Enforcement

More people may soon need a traffic ticket lawyer in Pennsylvania. Last week, the “I-80 Highway Challenge,” kicked off with police ramping up enforcement efforts Read More

For Anyone Who Has Been Sentenced or is About to be Sentenced for a Second DUI with Refusal Within 10 Years

The Superior Court, in a decision filed on June 28th of this year in deciding an issue of first impression, has held that the maximum Read More

How Do I Fight a Traffic Ticket in Pennsylvania?

You’ve been pulled over and you’re not happy. You have visions of your insurance going up and your bank account balance going down. Nobody’s favorite Read More

David Hershey to Present Seminar on Solving Drivers Licensing Problems

Attorney David Hershey of Colgan & Associates, LLC, will present a seminar entitled Solving Drivers Licensing Problems for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute on April 4, Read More

Employer Background Searches – Role of the Courts in Expungements for Proceedings Disposed Under the ARD Program

A recent issue arose with a client who had a court ordered expungement of his marijuana possession charges in Central Pennsylvania. The ARD Court clearly Read More

How Processing Delays Affect Your Clients’ Rights

If the AOPC has deleted the records, does that guarantee that my State Police Record is clear? No. The Pennsylvania State Police Expungement Unit operates Read More

How court ordered expungements can fail when employers use private screening companies to do background checks of your client.

What happens when a Common Pleas Judge signs an Expungement Order after a client successfully completes ARD? The Clerk of Courts distributes the Order to Read More

School Bus Violations in Pennsylvania

School Bus violations in Pennsylvania will result in the mandatory suspension of driving privileges for 60 days and the assignment of 5 points to the motorist’s driver record. In some instances, there is mandatory reporting between the school bus driver and the police department responsible for prosecuting a violation. In these instances, it is important that a traffic attorney be consulted to determine whether there was a breakdown in the reporting procedure which may result in a citation being dismissed.


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