Over $2.25 Billion Collected in Overdue US Child Support

Divorce lawyer PennsylvaniaEach year, our family and divorce lawyers in Pennsylvania arrange child support payments for our clients.

Unfortunately, not everyone lives up to their obligation, causing some to either default or fall behind on their child support payments.

In fact, The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Legislative and Public Affairs recently reported that they collected $2.25 billion of delinquent child support owed to states and custodial parents in 2012.

They also reported that since 1999, more than $28.2 billion in delinquent child support debt has been collected through their Treasury Offset Program (TOP).

TOP compares the names of taxpayer identifying numbers (TINs) of delinquent debtors to the names of TINs of federal payment recipients. If there is a match, the federal payment is reduced or intercepted to satisfy the overdue debt.

Their efforts are not limited to collecting overdue child support. They also collected:

• More than $62 billion in delinquent debt since 1996
• 2.4 billion of delinquent federal non-tax debt owed to federal agencies;
• $601.6 million of delinquent federal tax debt owed to the Internal Revenue Service

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