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Child support varies from state to state. In Pennsylvania, child support is based upon an “Income Shares” model. What this means is that child support is generally calculated based upon the incomes of the two parents; however, many variables affect the calculation of support. Some of those variables include: the earnings or earning capacities of the parties; the cost of health insurance for the children; the cost of daycare or childcare services for the children; unreimbursed medical expenses; the tax filing status of the parents and the amount of time each parents spends with the child or children.

As you can imagine, child support matters can get complicated quickly. An experienced child support lawyer steps in to help mediate and facilitate the situation. This expert intervention helps to reach a fair resolution quickly.

There are many benefits to working with a Pennsylvania child support lawyer. Foremost, you will have someone dedicated to representing your best interests. Whether you choose to settle your child support privately, or involve your local Domestic Relations Office to determine child support, both parties are far more likely to achieve agreeable outcomes when each are professionally represented by a child support lawyer. Additionally, a child support lawyer can help you modify your existing child support. This may be possible based upon a change in circumstances; like an increase or decrease in income, or a change in child custody schedule of the parents.

Finding The Right Child Support Lawyer

Finding the right child support attorney will have a significant impact on the outcome achieved for you and your family. At Colgan & Associates, our team of knowledgeable and compassionate child support attorneys are committed to helping families move forward with their lives by working efficiently through the process of determining appropriate child support.

When you choose Colgan & Associates to represent you, you gain our intimate understanding of Pennsylvania’s child support laws that allows us to fight for what is rightfully yours. Without this experience and knowledge on your side, you risk a prolonged process that may provide financial support that does not match what is needed.

Why Choose Our PA Child Support Lawyers?

At Colgan & Associates, we have experience with a wide variety of child support matters. If you have a question about child support, let’s have a conversation today. We provide an initial phone consultation will at no charge to you and together we can learn how our child support services may help you.

Colgan & Associates wants to be your trusted child support lawyer who helps you preserve, restore and move forward with your life. Prompt scheduling is available for telephone consultations and office appointments.


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