Man in Ohio Gets 6 ½ Years After YouTube Apology- Case Highlights the Dangers of Social Media in Criminal Cases

By: Dave Mueller, Criminal Defense Attorney Many people may have been following the rather compelling case of 22 year old Matthew Cordle. The Ohio man Read More

Legislative Watch: PA House Passes Tough “Home Invasion” Bill, Mandatory Minimum Sentences of 10 to 20 Years

By: Dave Mueller, Criminal Defense Attorney In a vote of 202-2, the Pennsylvania House yesterday passed a bill creating tough new sanctions for “home invasion” Read More

I Was Charged/Cited For a Summary Offense in Pennsylvania- What Now?

By: Dave Mueller, Criminal Defense Attorney When a person receives a citation a summary offense in Pennsylvania, it can sometimes feel quite different that how Read More

When That Hangover Comes With Handcuffs: Is Voluntary Intoxication a Defense in Pennsylvania?

By: Dave Mueller, Criminal Defense Attorney Many people who have woken up after the effects of “one too many” know the pain that only a Read More

I’m Accused of Violating a Pennsylvania Protection From Abuse Order- What Now?

By: Dave Mueller, Criminal Defense Attorney If you are subject to an active Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) in Pennsylvania, and find yourself either under Read More

Truckers Beware

The national news media has reported that beginning today, thousands of anti-government truck drivers will converge on the Capital Beltway in Washington, D.C. over the Read More

Wiretapping in Pennsylvania: What to Know Before You Turn On the Recorder

By: Dave Mueller, Criminal Defense Attorney You proudly march into your attorney’s office, put a shiny smart phone down on the desk, and hit play. Read More

How Do Pennsylvania’s Family Laws Define Child Abuse?

There seems to be a lot of misinformation out there, in regards to Pennsylvania’s divorce laws and family laws and child abuse. How does it affect Read More


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