Does an Extra Marital Affair Affect a Divorce Case?

In any divorce, extra marital affairs, infidelity and “cheating” are always a major issue. Naturally, it adds an emotional charge to any separation. The odds Read More

Arbitration in Pennsylvania Divorce and Custody Cases

How Does Arbitration Work in Family Law? Can parties hire a “private judge” to decide their divorce or custody case? The answer is yes. Parties Read More

David Hershey to Present Seminar on Solving Drivers Licensing Problems

Attorney David Hershey of Colgan & Associates, LLC, will present a seminar entitled Solving Drivers Licensing Problems for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute on April 4, Read More

Attorney Thomas Clark to Present Seminar on Child Custody Procedures

Attorney Thomas Clark of Colgan & Associates, LLC will present a seminar entitled Child Custody Procedures: Form by Form for the National Business Institute on Read More

What impact does an extramarital affair have on my Pennsylvania divorce?

By law in Pennsylvania, an affair (known as “marital misconduct”) cannot be considered when dealing with divorce lawyers or when the court divides your marital Read More

Is There Alimony in Pennsylvania?

Alimony is available in Pennsylvania. However, alimony is not appropriate in all cases and may be prohibited in others. The court may allow alimony where Read More

Important Dates Related to Your Pennsylvania Divorce

There are different relevant points in time that that are considered when dividing assets and debts in divorce in Pennsylvania either by means of alternative family Read More

Employer Background Searches – Role of the Courts in Expungements for Proceedings Disposed Under the ARD Program

A recent issue arose with a client who had a court ordered expungement of his marijuana possession charges in Central Pennsylvania. The ARD Court clearly Read More


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