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I Was Charged/Cited For a Summary Offense in Pennsylvania- What Now?

By: Dave Mueller, Criminal Defense Attorney When a person receives a citation a summary offense in Pennsylvania, it can sometimes feel quite different that how Read More

When That Hangover Comes With Handcuffs: Is Voluntary Intoxication a Defense in Pennsylvania?

By: Dave Mueller, Criminal Defense Attorney Many people who have woken up after the effects of “one too many” know the pain that only a Read More

I’m Accused of Violating a Pennsylvania Protection From Abuse Order- What Now?

By: Dave Mueller, Criminal Defense Attorney If you are subject to an active Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) in Pennsylvania, and find yourself either under Read More

Wiretapping in Pennsylvania: What to Know Before You Turn On the Recorder

By: Dave Mueller, Criminal Defense Attorney You proudly march into your attorney’s office, put a shiny smart phone down on the desk, and hit play. Read More

Your Guide To Pennsylvania Preliminary Hearings

Sometimes, the first time you find out that you are being charged with a crime might be as seemingly uneventful as finding an envelope in Read More

Understanding Entrapment in Pennsylvania- Don’t Let Amateur “Experts” Steer You Wrong

By: Dave Mueller, Criminal Defense Attorney There are few topics in criminal law that result in more dangerous amateur advice and lead people into trouble Read More

I Just Want to Plead Guilty- Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

By: Dave Mueller, Criminal Defense Attorney A little known fact of the criminal justice system is that over 90 percent of people charged with a Read More

What Constitutes “Leaving the scene of an accident” in Pennsylvania?

If you’re accused of leaving the scene of an accident, you need to contact a traffic violations lawyer or criminal defense lawyer as soon as Read More


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