Juniata County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Defending Your Rights in the Juniata County area, Pennsylvania

Have you been accused of or arrested for a criminal offense in the Juniata County area, PA? If so, you need a criminal defense attorney who has the legal knowledge and experience, as well as familiarity with the area, to defend your rights and liberties.

We understand that mere accusations and the filing of criminal charges can create both a stigma and a burden for those accused of a crime. We have an appreciation for the significant legal consequences various criminal charges resulting in a conviction can have on you and/or your family including, but not limited to, jail, probation, license suspensions, fines & costs, and even a loss of a job. For these reasons, our attorneys deal with the clients we represent on an individualized basis, as people, so we can understand what the various criminal implications may mean to you and your family in order to work towards a common goal to eliminate or minimize the consequences you face. We understands that, at the end of your case, you want to move on with your life. For that reason, we work to ensure your contact with the criminal justice system results in a speed bump as opposed to a road block in the rest of your life.

Our firm handles criminal cases throughout Pennsylvania. We have successfully defended clients who were charged with:

  • DUI
  • Drug crimes
  • Assaults
  • Sex crimes
  • Murder/manslaughter
  • Theft crimes
  • Traffic tickets
  • CDL violations

Whether you are an adult who has been charged with a crime or seeking representation for your child who has been charged as a juvenile, it is important to obtain experienced and knowledgeable counsel at the beginning of your case before it snowballs out of control. Regardless of whether you are looking to negotiate a plea or zealously defend your rights at trial, the stronger the foundation we can lay in your case, the better position we are in to build upon that foundation when working towards your overall objective.

Even if your case is dismissed and you are not convicted, you will still have a public criminal record and it may still affect you. Whether you have a conviction or not, a Juniata County area attorney at our firm may be able to help you clear your record with expungements.

Juniata County Area Criminal Defense

When you have been charged with a crime, it is necessary to retain the best possible lawyer to protect your rights. Our attorneys are dedicated to representing you throughout every part of the legal process. From the initial consultation, to the preliminary hearing, to the trial level, we will not only defend you, but answer all of your questions, give you guidance about the procedures, investigate your case and form a defense strategy for you.

For more information about your situation, contact a Juniata Criminal Defense Attorney at our firm today. Our legal team serves all of South Central Pennsylvania including Gettysburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, York, Adams County, Cumberland County, Dauphin County, Perry County, York County and surrounding areas.


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