The Benefits of Using Mediation in Divorce

Did you know getting a divorce doesn’t require litigation? Couples who use divorce mediation are able to resolve their issues amicably and respectfully in less time and for less money than going to court.

Divorce Mediation Benefits

The decision to get a divorce is only the first of many difficult decisions you will need to make in the separation process. Child custody, child support, alimony and division of marital assets and debts are among the numerous factors upon which you and your spouse will need to reach an agreement.

For couples who are open to collaborative negotiation, the benefits of using mediation for divorce can be significant. Working together, you can establish creative, customized resolutions in a fraction of the time required for litigation. Because anything said in mediation is kept confidential and is not included in public court records, you will also maintain your privacy and avoid exposing your children to conflict. Divorce mediation can help both parties reach neutrality in their post-divorce relationship.

Divorce Mediation Services at Colgan & Associates

Our team of family law attorneys have decades of experience providing divorce mediation services. We have seen mediation used to quickly and successfully settle many divorces for our clients. In our experience, divorce mediation results in more favorable outcomes that require less time and money than litigation.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

1. In an initial meeting, the mediator explains the divorce mediation process and both parties sign a mediation agreement.
2. The mediator works with the parties to gather all relevant information.
3. The mediator works with the parties to explore their goals and acceptable solutions.
4. The mediator serves as a facilitator to help the parties themselves come to an agreement.
5. Once the parties reach a negotiated settlement, the mediator or one of the attorneys representing the parties will prepare the settlement agreement.

Why Get Divorce Mediation?

Compared to litigating your divorce, a mediation divorce is more efficient, less expensive and private. Many couple choose mediation in divorce because they do not want the stress of speaking publicly about their family and finances before a judge.

Divorce impacts more than just you and your spouse. Consider how other members of your family, children and even pets will be affected by the decisions you make throughout the divorce process. Mediation allows you to resolve issues privately and respectfully so that everyone can move forward with their lives.

Do you want to learn more about divorce mediation? Please call us toll free at 866-971-2645 and we will be happy to provide you with a no-cost consultation.

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