Divorce Myths You Need to Know About

Choosing to file for a divorce is a very big decision for any individual or family to make, though in many circumstances the spouses feel it is the best route to take. As most people know, divorce is no simple process to go through, and in the event that a person decides it is the next step to take in the marriage, having a good understanding of what a divorce entitles is very beneficial. There are many common misconceptions when it comes to a divorce. A divorce family mediator can help you, but here a few to consider.

Your spouse is the only one to blame for your divorce is a common myth when going through a divorce. In most situations the divorce is happening because of both of the spouses, whether that was too much arguing and yelling, or not enough communication or attention, generally both sides of the marriage are at fault. A divorce doesn’t have to be viewed as a person’s fault either, it may be just the realization that you are better as not being married, and that is ok too.

The judges will always chose moms for the custody of the children too is a great fear for fathers when filing for a divorce. This outcome is common for parents who are fighting over the custody of their children, but it isn’t done as a gender bias, but rather as a decision for what is in the best interest of the children. There are many fathers that are awarded custody of the children after proving that they will be the best place to offer the care the children need.

In a divorce one person always gets the bad end of the deal is another common myth and fear when people consider a divorce. In the event that two spouses decide that divorce is the step that is best for them, there is the opportunity to come to a settlement that is decent for both parties. Obviously both spouses can’t walk away with everything; there will have to be some give and take, though it is possible to come to a settlement that leaves both spouses satisfied. Divorce mediation is commonly used when spouses hope to sort through their settlement without going to court; this can be discussed with your attorney if you are invested in this route.

Divorce is the easy way out is another common misunderstanding when it comes to leaving your spouse. Many times divorce is the outcome of people who realize they no longer are able, or want to, fight for their marriage to work out. Many times even making that decision is very hard to do, and though it may be better in the long run it can be hard even for the spouses to go through. In the unfortunate situation that a spouse is being abused, making the leap to escape and file for divorce takes strength, courage as well as preparation. It is not an easy decision to make when it comes to lives being put at risk if an attempt to escape is made. If you know someone in this situation, discuss with a professional the best steps to take to be helpful in this situation.

Divorce will become your scarlet letter is another common myth regarding a divorce. Sure, your community and friends may soon realize that you and your spouse have divorced but remember that it is extremely common it today’s society and half of the married people in America have gone through a divorce. The decision that you and your spouse made was what you believed was best, stick with that and persevere even in the hard conversations. Soon people will find something new to gossip about and your divorce will be yesterday’s news.

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