Things to Consider When Contemplating Divorce


Divorce is difficult and painful so before deciding to file for divorce, read what these 6 experts had to say:

Are you Ready for Divorce? 7 Questions to ask Yourself

Dr. Bruce Derman, the relationship doctor/psychologist with 42 years of experience advised 7 questions you need to answer before a divorce decision. First, ask yourself if you can handle the negative effects of the divorce. You also have to look into your relationship and see if you can move on. If you find a good reason you want a divorce and can’t get past it, then it might be the right decision. But if you are making a decision based on emotions, then maybe it can still work.

You can read Dr. Bruce Derman’s article here.

Relationship Advice I Wish I’d Heard Before Getting Divorced

Thorin Klosowski talks about marriage advice that he never took. A large part of the advice involves finding a middle ground with your spouse in areas where you are opposites. Having different communication and attachment styles are the two main examples. If you communicate differently or show affection differently then you should find a middle ground where you can both be happy.

You can read Thorin Klosowski’s article here.

5 Steps for Resolving Conflict Within Your Marriage

Divorce lawyer Mary Aderibigbe goes over the five steps to resolve marital conflicts. The main purpose of the steps is to get you and your spouse talking about your problems until you apologize and forgive one another. In order get there you have to communicate and focus on what the other person has to say. Once a problem is found you can work together to figure out how you can fix it and keep pushing forward.

You can read Mary Aderibigbe’s article here.

Marriage Problems? Here’s an 8-Step Rescue Plan

Susan Heitler guides readers on how to rescue their marriage. Her methods involve getting the spouses to look into the relationship problems but then getting individuals to fix their own problems, which in turn fix many problems in the relationship. Next you should cut out the negativity and replace it with proper ways to express yourselves. In the end you will take the anger out of your relationship and instead there will be positivity.

You can read Susan Heitler’s article here.

The Four Divorce Process Choices

Jeff Landers, President and Founder of Bedrock Divorce Advisors, said there are four types of divorce process choices. The DIY divorce is the worst option because of the complicated legal aspects of divorce. Mediation involves working with a neutral mediator to facilitate discussion on issues surrounding separation and divorce. Collaborative divorce involves working with a specially trained Collaborative team to resolve issues of property distribution, child custody and support. Finally, there is the litigated divorce.

You can read Jeff Landers’ article here.

Choosing a Divorce Mediator

There are a few things to look for in a good divorce mediator, explained Julie Denny – mediation panelist for EEOC, US Postal Service, TSA and more. A good mediator offers legal protection for both parties while informing them on the law so they can make informed decisions. Your mediator should be invested in you and try to effectively solve any problem. In the end you should feel that the mediator used the best of their abilities to help handle the problems that come with getting a divorce.

You can read Julie Denny’s article here.

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