Do High Expectations Lead to Divorce?

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When you think about the reasons why people get a divorce, what comes to your mind? Many people would say “adultery.” While that is a common cause, it isn’t the only one that leads to separation in a relationship. Your expectations can have a significant impact on your marriage. Read on to find out how high expectations can lead to divorce.

A Historical View of Marriage

For centuries, the idea of people getting married in the name of love was almost unheard of. Marriages were based around the benefits it brought to the families.

Royal couples would join in matrimony to forge alliances. Those who weren’t members of nobility would arrange marriages for their children based on economic partnerships. The prospective in-laws might have owned land or other assets that would have augmented the status and wealth of both families.

Societal Change and a Shift in Mindsets

Over time, society evolved and so did the perception of marriage. The spread of literature and media began to help mold the ideas surrounding marriage. For example, think of the fairy tales you read when you were a child. They always had a happy ending. Today, in most parts of the world people are free to fall in love and choose their spouse.

Because of these beliefs of happy endings, people have high expectations. They expect to fall in love and have a fairytale wedding. They assume their marriage will satisfy all of their social, financial, economic, sexual and psychological needs. That may not always be the reality.

Researchers at Florida State University recently published a study on marital satisfaction. They interviewed 135 newlyweds over the course of four years. The study found couples who worked together and cooperated to achieve their goals were able to meet each others’ high standards. Those couples who didn’t collaborate were unhappy with each other and felt their personal needs weren’t being met.

Turn to an Experienced Family Law Attorney to Determine Whether Divorce Is Right for You

Divorce is a life-changing decision with significant personal and legal consequences. Before you take the leap, talk to an experienced family law attorney about whether divorce is the right option for you.

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