How to Find a Family Law Attorney

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Where to start? Looking for a family attorney can be a daunting task. A legal professional assisting you with family matters needs to be someone you can trust and who has both the skills and experience to needed to represent you effectively. They will be handling some of the most personal and serious issues in your life. So how do you choose? Here are some tips for how to find a family law attorney you can count on.

1. Start searching as soon as you realize you may need one.

As the Huffington Post points out, “it is worth your time to meet with a divorce attorney so that you are familiar with one that you like before you are in a high-pressure situation to file or you are served with papers.” Otherwise, you may be stuck with whoever is available or the most inexpensive when you’re desperate, rather than someone who is fully qualified to handle your case. When you could be facing the loss of significant assets, including your home, and fighting over custody of your kids, you want to ensure you’re in the most capable hands.

2. Hire someone who knows what they are doing.

If you’re getting divorced, hire a lawyer who specializes in divorces. A family law attorney should be someone who works regularly in this area of law. Asking close friends and family who may have been through similar situations is a good way to start. When you meet with a lawyer to discuss the possibility of them taking on your case, make sure to ask them questions about how long they’ve practiced family law, not just how long they’ve been a lawyer.

3. Find a lawyer you feel comfortable with.

You need more than just legal expertise to get you through this kind of legal situation. You need a lawyer who cares about your best interests and who will listen to your concerns. If a lawyer seems like they aren’t paying attention to what you have to say or is insensitive towards your situation, they aren’t the right lawyer for you. You will be making a lot of important life decisions during your divorce, and it’s imperative to find a family law attorney who is sensitive to your needs.

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