Lunch & Learn Seminars For Businesses

No matter the size or industry of your business, it’s highly probable that one or more of your employees will need the help of a family law attorney at some point in their life. This person could even be you!

This is why many businesses have found value in offering a free lunch and learn seminar to their employees where they can gain information and advice from an experienced family lawyer that can answer any range of questions from divorce issues to criminal matters. Just as you might offer other personal and professional development seminars to your employees, a lunch and learn seminar dedicated to addressing legal matters is highly valuable to most every member of your staff.

What To Expect At A Seminar

At Colgan & Associates, our lunch and learn seminars have several unique benefits. First, it is truly free. We provide lunch for your entire staff, come to your location and present on any family law topic of your choosing. Every presentation is customized to your staff! If you prefer an overview presentation, we are happy to do that as well.

We are passionate about educating people on their rights as it pertains to divorce, criminal matters, traffic law and more.The more you know, even before a situation arises, the better equipped you are to handle it and move through it with less damage to your personal and professional life. For a business, this means helping your employees minimize and quickly address personal issues that could impact their focus and performance at work.

Through our lunch and learn seminars, we help produce happier and healthier work environments by empowering employees with the knowledge to address matters that may be weighing on their mind and pulling their attention from work.

How To Schedule a Lunch & Learn Seminar For Your Business

Are you interested in having one of our knowledgeable family law attorneys provide free lunch and useful advice for your employees? Let’s set a date! Call Colgan & Associates today to discuss the best day and time for your business. We’re also interested in learning more about your employees so that we can create a custom presentation to best address their needs.

Scheduling your lunch and learn seminar is easy. Simply give us a call at (717) 790-2048. You and your staff will be on your way too soon enjoying a free, delicious lunch with some helpful advice on the side!

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