If I Remarry, Must I Still Pay Child Support Or Can I Still Receive It?

divorce lawyerOur divorce lawyers in Central Pennsylvania are often asked questions about second marriages and their impact on child support.

Questions like:

-If I get married again, can I still receive child support from my ex?
-If my ex gets married again, is he or she still obligated to pay child support?
-If after I go through mediation services and my new spouse adopts my child, is my ex still obligated to pay child support?

As a general rule, a new marriage doesn’t change entitlement or obligations regarding child support. If you are getting married again and you have custody of a child or children from a prior marriage, you are still entitled to receive child support from your previous spouse.

At the same time, if you’re ex-spouse gets remarried, he or she is still financially responsible for any children from your prior marriage.

Adoption, however, is different. The act of adopting a child severs the relationship between biological parent and child. This includes the termination of the obligation of support.

There are exceptions to every rule and therefore, please consult with a family law attorney to discuss the specifics of your situation.

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