Successful Divorce Mediation in Pennsylvania

I’m often asked if divorce mediation is less expensive than a “traditional” divorce. The answer is almost always yes. The reason is that when a couple chooses to mediate their divorce, they can efficiently make decisions and achieve resolution with the help of the mediator who guides them through the process. This is much more cost effective than simply using the best divorce lawyers you can find to handle a court case.

Before beginning a divorce mediation I ask couples to prepare for the process. That preparation includes gathering important financial documents (tax returns, pay statements, bank statements, mortgage statements and loan statements to name a few). I also ask the parties to review their monthly income and expenses and create a budget. This can be a challenge for parties who have never budgeted in the past. However, this knowledge is necessary and very powerful when considering acceptable options for resolution.

Preparation for the process often helps focus the couple on the important issues and can streamline the process once the mediation begins.

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