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How Does a Speed Radar Detector Work?

A speed radar detector is a specialized electronic gadget used by certain motorists to detect whether law enforcement or police are monitoring their speed using Read More

Where Does the Money From Pennsylvania’s Traffic Tickets Go?

Occasionally, our traffic ticket attorneys are asked where the money from Pennsylvania’s traffic tickets ends up. Does it go to the city? Does it go Read More

Deer Crashes Cost Pennsylvania $400 Million

Our traffic ticket attorneys’ clients are always worried about the cost of speeding tickets and other citations. However, the entire state of Pennsylvania should be Read More

What Do I Do if My Commercial Driver’s License is Suspended?

Our traffic ticket attorneys in Pennsylvania have worked with a number of clients who are facing the suspension of their commercial driver’s license, or CDL. Read More

What are the Penalties for a Red Light Camera Ticket in Pennsylvania?

These cameras are installed in some of our busy intersections and aim to keep things safe, by keeping people from running red lights and speeding. Read More

Truckers Beware

The national news media has reported that beginning today, thousands of anti-government truck drivers will converge on the Capital Beltway in Washington, D.C. over the Read More

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding DUI Cases

If I take a roadside breath test do I still need to take another blood test or breath test if the officer requests one? Yes. Read More

Recent Decisions of the Pennsylvania Superior Court Significantly Affecting DUI Cases in Pennsylvania

In Commonwealth v. Jason Schildt, the Pennsylvania Superior Court recently overturned a lower court ruling quashing all evidence of the Defendant’s breath test result. Although Read More


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