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Does an Advanced Degree have a Value that can be Distributed in a Divorce?

The question of whether an advanced degree, such as a medical license, has a value that can be distributed in a Divorce has long been Read More

Is Goodwill a Marital Asset that can be Distributed in a Divorce?

A common question that arises when determining the value of a business in a divorce case is the value of the goodwill associated with the Read More

Pennsylvania Reduces Divorce Waiting Period

On October 4, 2016, Governor Wolf signed into law Act 102 which changed the waiting period to proceed with a contested no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania Read More

Marriage Counseling During Your Divorce

By Casey Johnson-Welsh, Family Lawyer It may seem unlikely to find a divorce attorney who advocates for couples to try to make their marriage work. Read More

Are You Facing a Divorce After 50, or 60? You Need to Read This

Those who end up in a divorce at the age of 50 or 60 may worry about what’s going to happen next. Starting a new routine Read More

Divorce and Money Problems: It isn’t Just About The Husband’s Income

Many factors exist that affect whether a married couple will get a divorce. Divorce tends to be one of the most difficult times in a Read More

A Divorced Couple Founded a Brand of Greeting Cards for Exes

It has been said that adversity makes for strange bedfellows, and this maxim can be applied to many situations in life, including divorce. Of course, Read More

The Brutally Honest Look at How Kids Affect Marriage

The impact kids have on marital happiness can be a taboo topic. Even though most people realize that raising children requires sacrifice, couples rarely talk Read More


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