Did You Know, Depending On Where You Live, Cheating Could Cost You?

Most people know that divorce can be complicated and sometimes expensive. But did you know that, depending on your state’s laws, the act of adultery can also come with some unexpected costs and consequences? One recent case in North Carolina resulted in a judge ordering one party to pay the other party $8.8 million as the result of an affair!

Though this case is not typical, it’s proof that understanding the law is critical to protecting yourself – and fighting for what you deserve. If adultery causes damage — whether emotional, physical or financial — it’s important to discuss this with an experienced family law attorney to understand its impact on your life.

Adultery Laws In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, adultery is recognized as a legitimate reason for divorce. While Pennsylvania permits divorce on “no fault” grounds, it is still possible to seek a divorce based upon “fault” grounds. Adultery remains a fault ground upon which a divorce can be granted. However, due to the cost associated with seeking a fault divorce, most cases proceed as no fault divorces. That doesn’t mean that adultery is irrelevant in Pennsylvania. Marital misconduct is a factor for consideration by the court with regard to alimony. This is especially so if the misconduct caused financial or emotional damage.

Who To Contact

If you or someone you know is working through a separation or divorce, it’s important to understand the law and how this could impact your situation. The best way to be sure that your rights are protected is to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorney who understands the unique laws in your state.

To speak to a Pennsylvania family law attorney on your matter, call Colgan & Associates today at (717) 790-2048 !

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