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If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, chances are you have many questions about the process. Who will get the children? Will I pay or receive child support? How do we split the property? These question are all very valid concerns. An experienced family law attorney serving clients in Gettysburg area will be able to answer all of these questions and more in order to help you and your family go through your family legal situation in the smoothest possible manner.

Helping Families in Gettysburg Area

Family law situations can require a much more delicate touch than other areas of the law because they deal with families and emotions on top of the financial and material aspect. Not only are you splitting up a union between two people, you are separating a life together. The family lawyers at Colgan & Associates, LLC are skilled at handling all aspects of divorce and family law. They understand that this could be one of the most difficult experiences that you and your family have faced or will ever face. That is why they are dedicated to providing you and your family with the best possible legal representation in the following areas:

 Trained Mediators and Experienced Litigators

One of the lead members of the firm’s legal team is a fully trained mediator as well as a collaborative law practitioner. You will be in excellent hands with the attorneys at the firm on your side, protecting your legal rights and those of your family.

Though the legal team at the firm is dedicated to helping you achieve an amicable settlement when possible, it is always important to remember that, even despite the best efforts, some divorce situations cannot be handled without going to court. If your divorce requires the latter, you can rest assured that you have experienced litigators on your side, working to protect you.

Our family law attorneys serving Gettysburg can present you with the various process options available to you such as mediation, collaborative practice or litigation. We will be an advocate for your interests, ensuring your voice is heard and your rights are respected.

We are dedicated to helping families in Gettysburg to overcome challenges and resolve their family law matters quickly, fairly and favorably.

Contact a Gettysburg area divorce lawyer at the firm today for a free family law consultation.

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