Marriage Counseling During Your Divorce

By Casey Johnson-Welsh, Family Lawyer

It may seem unlikely to find a divorce attorney who advocates for couples to try to make their marriage work. There is no question about it, marriage is difficult. I’m sure all of us who have been married for a number of years have at least considered a “trial separation.” Marriage is hard and sometimes divorce can be, at least in the short-term, harder. If you have reached the point where divorce seems like the only option left or your spouse has not left the decision up to you, an understanding divorce attorney can help guide you through the process. Counseling prior to divorce can also help. Individual counseling is key during a divorce, but counseling with your spouse is also an option.

Once a divorce complaint has been filed with the Court, a divorcing spouse can ask the Court to order three sessions of marital counseling with a court-approved counselor. A list of counselors offering court-ordered marriage counseling can be obtained at most courthouses.

Even if neither spouse is looking to save the marriage, attending counseling together can be helpful, particularly for couples with children. Whether you like it or not, now that you have children together, you will always be a part of each other’s lives. To learn to effectively co-parent will allow your children to thrive and likely reduce a significant amount of turmoil and conflict in your own life. There are a number of counselors specializing in co-parenting who may be able to help.


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  1. Ralfie says:

    IT’S NOT TRUE AT ALL that “marriage is difficult” and how on Earth can you say that “I’m sure all of us who have been married for a number of years have at least considered a trial separation”?!THESE ARE BULLSHIT!NO,MARRIAGE IS NOT DIFFICULT and THE HUGE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE who have been married FOR MANY YEARS HAVE NEVER CONSIDERED ANY TRIAL SEPARATION,MUCH LESS A DIVORCE!You must be REALLY INSANE to tell such ABERRATIONS or you try to fool people to seek your services as a lawyer by LYING THEM OUTRAGEOUSLY with such BIG RUBBISH!

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