Is it True President Obama has Unpaid Traffic Tickets?

President Obama Parking Tickets

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Everyone has at least one unpaid parking ticket in his or her past, but it’s generally not very newsworthy. The only time your unpaid tickets will make headlines is when you do something like run for president.

Read on to learn what happened to a senator from Illinois whose past caught up with him.

When a Presidential Candidate Is a Scofflaw

President Obama’s tenure has been marked by a number of achievements. Even before his election, his list of accomplishments was impressive. He graduated from Harvard University’s law school, a feat few can claim.

But during his studies, the future president did some less impressive things, too. Between 1988 and 1991, he racked up 17 parking tickets. The tickets were for offenses such as parking in a bus stop, parking without a residential permit, and not paying the meter.

Making Amends… Almost Two Decades Later


In 2007, Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president. Before the announcement, the senator decided to take care of some unfinished business.

While at Harvard, Obama paid two fines. According to officials in Cambridge, he paid them late. Just before he launched his campaign, the remaining $375 in fines were paid on the city’s website by credit card.

Unpaid Tickets Can Come Back to Haunt You

While Obama’s campaign team downplayed the tickets paid 17 years late, it’s clear that he (or someone else on his campaign) took care of them so that it wouldn’t become an issue in the election.

If you’re not running for an elected position, you probably think your unpaid parking tickets aren’t a big deal. That might not be the case, though.

Unpaid parking tickets can affect your ability to graduate from college or even receive your college transcripts. And some municipalities hire collections agencies to track down the money. That can lower your credit rating, making it difficult to apply for loans. Other cities and towns will suspend your driver’s license if you have too many unpaid parking tickets for too long.


Don’t wait — take care of your parking tickets.

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