Traffic Tickets & PA Driving Point System

The penalties related to traffic tickets can be significant, such as a driver’s license suspension. A driver may also need to take written exams or driving exams as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to improve a driving record. Under certain circumstances and depending on how many violations a driver has incurred over a specific amount of time, a departmental hearing may be required.

For professional drivers, a CDL violation or CDL license suspension may put their livelihood in danger. If you have ever been accused of a traffic violation in the state of Pennsylvania, you will be assigned points against your driving record, known as the Pennsylvania Point System. PennDOT keeps track of these points and takes corrective action when there are six or more points on your record.

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There are defenses available for drivers against traffic tickets and an attorney can challenge the evidence and circumstances surrounding a traffic violation as well as statements of the traffic officers. A skilled lawyer can fight ticket charges and protect the best interests of clients. Legal assistance for out-of-state drivers and criminal traffic violations are available by the attorneys with Colgan & Associates, LLC. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a trusted traffic ticket attorney.

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Can you fight a traffic ticket in court?

Yes. Most drivers do not realize the impact that traffic tickets can have on their driving records, including a steep increase in automobile insurance. This is why it is important to contact an experienced traffic ticket lawyer, who has deep understanding of the local traffic law.

The legal team at Colgan & Associates, LLC is knowledgeable in all areas of traffic violations and helps many individuals facing license suspension or other harsh penalties associated with traffic offenses. Common traffic tickets involve careless driving, reckless driving, speeding, failure to yield, right light violations, stop sign violations and failure to maintain a lane, DUI, and other moving violations.

It is important to speak with an attorney before paying the fine for a traffic ticket because payment is an automatic admission of guilt and ends the right to challenge the validity of a citation. For information and legal guidance following a traffic ticket incident, contact a traffic ticket lawyer experienced in all types of traffic ticket cases. Drivers who operate a vehicle with a commercial drivers license (CDL) need reliable legal assistance from lawyers with proven success in helping clients affected by traffic violations.

Traffic Ticket Cases We Handle

CDL Violations

The kinds of possible CDL violations are extensive, from scale violations to DUI offenses, negligent operation to speeding. Attorneys from our firm understand the laws for each violation and will fight tirelessly to ensure your freedom. Click here to learn more about CDL violations.

CDL License Suspension

As a professional driver, having your license suspended because of a traffic violation (or multiple violations) can be extremely stressful. Your livelihood and therefore the comfort of your family rests on your ability to drive. If you face a license suspension, you need exceptional legal assistance to ensure that your life is not permanently affected. Click here to learn more about CDL license suspensions.

Leaving the Scene

Also known as hit and run, a driver can be charged with leaving the scene of an accident if they cause an accident that results in property damage, personal injury or death, and does not stop immediately to exchange information. Also, if they cause an accident resulting in property damage where the owner is not present, they must immediately stop and locate the owner to exchange information, or be charged with leaving the scene. It is possible to be falsely accused of this crime, so be sure to seek a traffic ticket attorney who can defend you. Click here to learn more about leaving the scene.

Moving Violations

Traffic tickets can be written for over 35 traffic violations listed in the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. Moving vehicle violations are defined as a traffic violation committed by a person while their vehicle is in motion. Examples include, but are not limited to, failure to stop at a stop sign or traffic light, failure to stop for a school bus with flashing red lights, and speeding. Each of these violations has its own penalties, including the addition of points to your driving record by PennDOT under the Pennsylvania Point System. Click here to learn more about moving violations.

Out-of-State Residents

Sometimes a visitor to the state of Pennsylvania may be cited with a traffic violation. Should this occur, the driver may not be able to appear in court if they have to return to their home state before their court date. Also, though a driver’s license is the property of the state where it was issued, a Non-Resident Violator Compact may allow the issuing state to suspend the license in place of the state in which the violation occurred and was cited. Click here to learn more about out-of-state resident violations.

PennDOT Administrative Appeals & Hearings

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is in charge of issuing driver’s licenses in the state of Pennsylvania, as well as keeping track of the driving record of each person to whom a license was issued. They also have the ability to suspend licenses if the driver has reached or surpassed the minimum number of points necessary on their record according to the Pennsylvania Point System. Click here to learn more about PennDOT.

Dealing with Pennsylvania Point System

As PennDOT keeps track of your driving record, they will assign a certain number of points to that record each time you are cited for a traffic violation. Each time you reach or surpass six points on your record, you will be penalized. The first time, you will be required to take and pass a written exam within 30 days or your license will be suspended. Upon passing this test, two points will be removed from your record. The second time you reach or surpass six points, you will receive a 15-day license suspension and be required to take an on-the-road exam. Should you reach or surpass six points a third time, you will face a PennDOT hearing. Click here to learn more about the Pennsylvania Point System.

Protecting Your License

More often than not, your car is your way of getting to all the important places in life: your workplace, the grocery store, your family and friends. Traffic tickets can seriously—and sometimes permanently—damage your lifestyle. It is your right to protect your license and ensure that your quality of life is not diminished. Click here to learn more about protecting your license.


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