4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Litigation Lawyer In Pennsylvania

When you find yourself needing to hire a litigation lawyer, it’s common to feel frantic which can cause you to rush into a decision. Though your matter should be addressed as quickly as possible, it’s important to take time to find the right litigation lawyer that will fight for your best possible outcome.

Each Pennsylvania litigation attorney has different experiences and a different knowledge base. Some may have handled many cases similar to your matter, and others hardly at all. As you speak with possible litigation attorneys, you want to make sure you ask about their experience as well as cases they have resolved for their clients that are similar to yours.

While this may feel like an overwhelming process, it doesn’t have to be! Really, there are four main things you should consider when selecting a litigation lawyer. Learn what they are!

4 Things To Consider When Selecting A Litigation Lawyer

If you think you’re ready to hire a litigation lawyer to represent your matter, be sure you have fully considered the following factors that will greatly impact the type of representation you receive.

1. Experience – Directly ask your lawyer about their litigation experience, specifically pertaining to matters related to yours.
2. Reputation – Do your homework and ask around. You want to work with a lawyer who has a sound reputation and track record of success.
3. Geographic Location – Look for a lawyer who commonly serves your geographic location. This ensures you have someone who knows your state and county laws and who won’t incur major expenses for travel.
4. Personality – Every lawyer has their own personality, just as you have your own personality. You want to find a litigation lawyer whose style aligns with the way you want to be represented as well as someone who possesses the qualities of a strong and effective litigator.

What Makes A Good Litigation Lawyer

What qualities are strongly associated with a good litigation lawyer? Here are seven personality traits that are commonly shared by competent and experienced lawyers, specifically those who practice civil litigation law.

1. Diligent listener – Takes care to fully understand your situation
2. Strong communicator – Gets their point across quickly and clearly
3. Good negotiator – Gives you the best chance at a favorable outcome
4. Calm and collected demeanor – Facilitates a professional atmosphere
5. Action-oriented – Takes a proactive role to get things done
6. Knows when to push back – Sticks to their guns when they know what’s best
7. Ability to see the big picture – Can visualize the end goal, as well as how to get there

Why Choose Colgan & Associates As Your Litigation Lawyer

At Colgan & Associates, our experienced litigation lawyers demonstrate, case after case, that we possess the qualities necessary to deliver favorable outcomes for our clients. We help match each client with the right lawyer who has the most appropriate litigation style to win the case. Combined, our extensive and diverse experience make us uniquely capable of representing even the most complicated or unusual matters.

When hiring a litigation lawyer in Pennsylvania, keep in mind the four things you should consider first: experience, reputation, geographic location and personality. You also want to look for a lawyer who possesses most, if not all, of the seven qualities of a good litigation lawyer. Who you select to represent you will have a large impact on the outcome of your case. Be sure to put in the time to making the best possible decision!

Do you want to talk to an experienced and knowledgeable Pennsylvania litigation lawyer? Call Colgan & Associates today for a no-cost telephone consultation where we will answer any questions you may have! Call us today.

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