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If you are found to be traveling in excess of 5 miles per hour over the posted limit, you may face a speeding ticket as well as points against your driver’s license. These fines can quickly add up in your driving record, and depending upon the situation and number of points, your license may be suspended.

This is why it is so important for anyone who receives a citation for speeding to contact a speeding ticket lawyer before making a decision on whether or not to plead guilty.

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there are a variety of speed timing devices that police may use to enforce the speed limit. Although only radar may be used by members of the State Police, local police may use devices that measure average speed between two points or two road sensors. Additionally, any police officer may time a motor vehicle by following it for at least three-tenths of a mile.

You Need A Traffic Attorney to Help With Your Speeding Ticket

If you receive a traffic ticket that stands to significantly impact your life, whether it be financially or because you may have your license suspended, you need professional legal representation; a seasoned traffic ticket attorney who can defend your rights and has extensive trial experience. There are many instances where a traffic lawyer can help reduce your penalty, points or suspension or get your case dismissed.

What’s most important is to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney before you do anything else. You want to be sure you understand your rights and know the options available to you. Before you decide how you wish to plead, or submit anything else to the police, consult with an attorney you trust!

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How Colgan & Associates Speeding Ticket Lawyers Can Help You

At Colgan & Associates, our traffic ticket lawyers are trained and experienced in traffic-related legal matters. We understand Pennsylvania’s unique traffic laws and can advise you of your best options to resolve your matter quickly and favorably with the best possible outcome.

Attorney David Hershey, and the Colgan & Associates, LLC team are skilled defenders who have extensive trial experience and have represented thousands of clients for traffic related matters. We are committed to finding the best possible outcomes that uphold your rights with dignity and respect. The first step is to contact our firm to discuss your matter before it progresses any further.

If you or someone you care about is facing a speeding ticket in South Central Pennsylvania or any other matter related to traffic law, let us be your first call! Our team of highly qualified lawyers is here to learn more about your situation and give you sound advice to find a resolution or even your ticket dismissed.


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