School Bus Violations in Pennsylvania

School Bus violations in Pennsylvania will result in the mandatory suspension of driving privileges for 60 days and the assignment of 5 points to the motorist’s driver record. In some instances, there is mandatory reporting between the school bus driver and the police department responsible for prosecuting a violation. In these instances, it is important that a traffic attorney be consulted to determine whether there was a breakdown in the reporting procedure which may result in a citation being dismissed.

Harrisburg/York PA Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Reports: Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse Scandal Catalyst for Passing of New Law Allowing Expert Testimony in Sexual Assault Cases

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Harrisburg/York PA Drug Possession Defense Attorney Answers: The “What Ifs” of “Possession”

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Harrisburg/York PA Criminal Defense Attorney Reflections: Prosecutors Change Date of Alleged Sandusky Assault and Open Door for Defense to Attack Credibility of Its Investigation & Witness(es)

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Harrisburg/York Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Answers: “What are the penalties or consequences for Sex Crimes like Indecent Assault & Rape in PA?”

The penalties for sex crimes including, but not limited to, Rape, Sexual Assault, Indecent Assault, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse (IDSI), and Aggravated Indecent Assault can Read More

Harrisburg/York Criminal Defense Attorney Reflections: College Students Experience Freedom and Choices with Criminal Consequences

Going to college represents a major transitional stage in the lives of those who experience it. For many, it is the first time living outside Read More

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Harrisburg/York Criminal Defense Attorney Answers: “I have a warrant for my arrest. What do I do?”

Certain circumstances arise in criminal cases where a warrant may be issued for a person’s arrest. For example, if you miss a scheduled court appearance, Read More


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