Child Support Law and Guidelines in Pennsylvania [2024 Updated]

Child support is a parent’s court-ordered monetary support that is intended to be used to help with the costs of raising a child. Child support Read More

Divorce In The State Of Pennsylvania

When a married couple residing in Pennsylvania wishes to legally divorce, it’s important to understand the unique aspects of the law that may differ from Read More

DUIs In The State Of Pennsylvania

Under Pennsylvania’s DUI law, there are many different circumstances that can result in a DUI charge. However, they are basically divided into two types: DUI Read More

How Casey Johnson-Welsh Applies Psychology Training to Her Practice of PA Family Law

Casey Johnson-Welsh has a unique career background for a family law attorney. Prior to practicing law, Casey spent five years as a caseworker with the Read More

Pennsylvania Mandatory Ignition Interlock Law For First Time DUI Offenders

In August 2018, Pennsylvania lawmakers passed into law mandatory ignition interlock device requirements for first time DUI offenders. Essentially, the law is this: persons who Read More

The Dangers of Using a Non-Commercial GPS Device in a Commercial Motor Vehicle

Why Shouldn’t Commercial Truck Drivers Use Car GPS Devices Imagine this scene. You’re walking along a beach boardwalk and see a tractor trailer driving toward Read More

Adultery In Pennsylvania Divorce Law

Pennsylvania law recognizes adultery as a fault ground for divorce. The cheating spouse is at fault, due to his or her adulterous behavior, for the Read More

Did You Know, Depending On Where You Live, Cheating Could Cost You?

Most people know that divorce can be complicated and sometimes expensive. But did you know that, depending on your state’s laws, the act of adultery Read More


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