How Casey Johnson-Welsh Applies Psychology Training to Her Practice of PA Family Law

Casey Johnson-Welsh has a unique career background for a family law attorney. Prior to practicing law, Casey spent five years as a caseworker with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Office of Children, Youth, and Families. That experience inspired her to pursue family law so she could help divorcing couples keep the best interests of their children as a priority and remain in their children’s lives.

As a family lawyer at Colgan & Associates, Casey helps families navigate some of the most difficult situations of their lives. Casey understands that any family law matter involves a range of emotions that can change frequently throughout the process, so she calls upon her psychology training to be a patient and empathic listener.

Psychology And How It’s Applied To Family Law

Casey’s background in the social work field greatly benefits her family law practice. In her time working with juveniles, Casey learned to become an active and engaged listener, particularly in high conflict situations, such as divorce and custody.

As a caseworker, Casey worked with adolescents, many of whom had significant mental health concerns and had been the products of split homes. With this experience, Casey is able to provide guided and knowledgeable support for families who have children with mental health concerns.

Casey strives to handle her divorce and custody cases in a manner geared towards producing a functional separated family. While being an advocate for her clients, Casey always has an eye towards the best interests of their children.

Benefits Of Applying Psychology To Family Law

The benefit of applying psychology to family law is that it provides Casey with a foundation of understanding for a wide array of mental health and behavioral concerns. In many situations, divorces involve individuals with mental health issues, whether pre-existing or caused by the separation. In some cases one partner’s mental health issues may have been a contributing factor to the divorce. In other cases, someone may be suffering from depression and anxiety that has largely been brought on by the divorce. Regardless of the origin, the fact is that many individuals going through a divorce are either struggling with their own or their former partner’s mental health issues.

When handling a case involving a mental health issue, Casey’s psychology background gives her an understanding of that diagnosis which helps her anticipate how a client may respond to certain information and how it is presented. When it is the opposing party who suffers from the mental health issue, Casey is able to provide understanding support to her client and tailor the approach she chooses to take in the case.

If you or someone you know is considering divorce and could benefit from a family law attorney who understands the mental and emotional aspects of navigating this process, Attorney Casey Johnson-Welsh is the first person you should talk to. Casey is passionate about helping families and individuals work through challenging times to find collaborative and restorative solutions. Call us today at (717) 790-2048

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