Can You Really Talk Your Way Out of a Ticket?

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The answer is maybe, but don’t count on it. If you go too far and upset the police officer issuing the ticket, you could make matters worse.

You can, however, do a few things to improve your chances. If you intend to try to talk yourself out of a ticket or minimize the charge, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

1. Be polite (and follow instructions!)

This may be the most important tip we can think of, and it ties in with most of the others.HubPages, Nolo, Thought Catalog, and Lifehacker all agree: your attitude is key. Not only will you be showing respect for someone who has legal authority, but most people are more likely to be nice to you if you give them a reason to like you!

2. Don’t deny wrongdoing

Of course, don’t confess to anything you haven’t actually done, but if you were speeding, don’t try to tell the cop you weren’t. This shows a lack of respect both for the law and for the officer’s intelligence. Do not discuss the case with the officer unless it is an emergency.

3. Make sure you have all relevant documents ready

This will make the whole experience go faster and make you appear more responsible. Knowing that you are aware of and willing to comply with the law will have a positive impact on how a police officer chooses to deal with you.

4. Make the officer feel safe

Don’t make sudden movements, and if you have to reach into a back pocket, let the police officer know; you can even ask if it’s okay. Lifehacker also suggests turning off your car and turning on the interior light at night. While you may be nervous about interacting with a police officer, they may also be worried that you will react violently. One police officer in the Thought Catalog article states that “Traffic stops are the most dangerous things for officers.”  Do not get out of your vehicle unless instructed by the officer.

They are a serious cause for concern for cops, given that, according to the FBI, 10 out of 51 officers feloniously killed in 2014 died conducting traffic pursuits or stops. Increasing an officer’s sense of security will reduce the possibility of something going wrong during your interactions and could have positive results for your wallet.

While these tips may not get you out of paying a ticket, they may reduce the amount you end up having to pay, and not following this advice could certainly make things worse.

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