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If you have been accused of Felony Drug Delivery or Possession with Intent Deliver, the consequences you could face are significant. At Colgan & Associates, LLC, we will work diligently to promptly identify your objectives and formulate a defense strategy to put you in the best position possible under your individual circumstances.

Our Felony Drug Defense Lawyer will utilize his knowledge and experience to implement an effective strategy from the inception of our representation of you. Beginning with your Preliminary Hearing , he will build a solid foundation for your defense based upon your goals, as well as the factual and legal circumstances surrounding the accusations. For example, if you choose to fight your charges, he will pin the prosecution’s witnesses down on their testimony and work to build a factual record consistent with your personalized defense strategy through his skilled cross-examination techniques.

Knowledge and Experience Matter

When you have been accused of Felony Possession With Intent to Deliver or Drug Delivery, it is imperative that you have a defense attorney with knowledge and experience in handling drug cases. In order to prepare an effective defense strategy, your attorney will need to not only understand what the prosecution has to prove BUT how they will attempt to prove it.

Our Felony Drug Defense Lawyer puts forth great effort to prepare and anticipate where the prosecution is going to go before they get there. It is a key to effective representation to know the adversary, stay two steps ahead, and beat them to the punch.

Illegal Searches & Seizures

Where it appears the facts are against you, the law may be on your side. Just because you were caught with drugs does not mean that all hope is lost. Whether you have been accused of a Felony Drug Crime involving marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, prescription pills, or any other drug, the type of drug may not be as relevant as the manner in which it is discovered by police.

Our Drug Defense Lawyer is skilled in identifying and arguing “suppression issues” challenging illegal search and seizures. He understands the importance of developing a factual record consistent with and in furtherance of your suppression issue(s).

Was there an illegal traffic stop? Did the police lawfully search your home or vehicle? Was the warrant defective? When we get involved in your case, we know the questions to ask in order to meaningfully identify and develop your drug defense.

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When you have been accused of a Felony Drug Crime, a lot is at stake – your life, your livelihood, your freedom. Whether it seems as simple as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, do not underestimate the zeal of the prosecution. We all make mistakes. We’re all human. But, don’t compound one mistake by making another. Time is of the essence to get effective representation on your side.

Our Felony Defense Attorney provides professional representation founded in trust. To that end, he will engage in open, honest, and candid communications in order to set reasonable expectations for you.

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