Is Delaware Experimenting with “Child Support Card” Controls to Limit What Moms Can Buy?

Child Support Card

No, they are not. But you may have read otherwise.

When should we be cautious about what we’re reading? False online news stories, for instance, may distress and mislead us, especially if they pertain to possible changes in one’s living situation. Let’s look at a false news story and see what we can learn.

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An online “news source” reported that the state of Delaware has recently developed a child support card that would prevent a parent from misusing those funds that are designated for the care of the children. This measure was allegedly taken because of some people, unfortunately, were using children as a source of income. This new card would supposedly curb such activity by working exactly like a food stamp card. It could not be used to purchase alcohol or cigarettes.


The myth of this “child support card” has been recently debunked by What Delaware actually has is a card that makes it easier for single parents and guardians to receive funds. The First State Family Card is a pre-paid debit card. It does not require a bank account and it does not screen the user’s buying habits for non-essential purchases.


You may be asking yourself, how do I discern a real online news story from a false one? Simply keep alert for storytelling flaws. For instance, the story suggested Delaware’s program could go federal, but things don’t work like that. Expanding the reach of a state program is a long and involved process, and yet the news report does not account for this. No representative of the City of Delaware is quoted in the story. Only an aggrieved parent is quoted, and the context of her statements is hardly specific to the program in question.

Shabby journalistic practices are a significant clue, as is the overall production value of the news site in question; be wary of cheap-looking news sites that may be mere click-bait, exhibiting little integrity.

Remember that you can research journalists online–an honest professional news writer’s work is often easy to find and of high quality.


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  1. Paul says:

    I wish this was true on restriction to actual items such as kid items or food I’m tired of seeing people all over the United States abuse the child support system. Oh and I’m not even a father or had a single mother raise me this is just from experience from the single mothers around me in every day to day life that scam and use that money for cloths for them self’s

  2. Yasin.khokon says:

    delaware children get any help money card???
    please,can you text me or email me

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