Do I Have to Pay Child Support if I’m in Jail in Pennsylvania?

Does Pennsylvania law require me to pay child support when in jail?

Does Pennsylvania law require me to pay child support when in jail?

Great question.

Pennsylvania is one of 36 states that permit reduction of support orders for incarcerated parents. To learn exactly how the process works, you should speak with the best child support lawyer PA and/or divorce lawyer as soon as possible.

Many people who face incarceration leave young children behind. In fact, a 1999 study showed that 55 percent of state and 63 percent of federal prisoners reported having a child under the age of 18.

No state automatically modifies the child support order of an incarcerated parent, and there are key differences in how proactively order review and modification is pursued in each state.

In Pennsylvania:

• The court may terminate or suspend a person’s child support obligation if they are in jail
• If the person is in jail because they failed or refused to pay support, their duty to pay support continues while they are in jail
• If the person is in jail for another reason unrelated to child support, they can ask the Court to stop the support order until they are released
• The income and assets of incarcerated parents are considered and are subject to collections

If you have any questions about any aspect of child support or alternative dispute resolutions, please don’t hesitate to contact our family lawyers at any time.

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