Highlights of Recent Transportation Funding Law in Pennsylvania as it pertains to Moving Violations and Registration Suspensions

The new transportation funding law has amended §3362(a)(2) of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, pertaining to maximum traffic speed limits. The new law authorizes PennDOT to increase the maximum allowable speed to 70 M.P.H. on a limited access highway so long as that speed is posted. Additionally, the new law increases the fine for a §3111(a) violation (Obedience to Traffic Control Devices) from $25 to $150. This violation continues to carry no points and is therefore still advantageous to the motorist.

Under the insurance requirements in our Vehicle Code, there is a new provision that allows the owner of a registered motor vehicle who has a lapse of insurance to avoid the 90-day registration suspension by paying a $500 civil penalty in addition to the restoration fee to PennDOT. This amendment does not, however, eliminate the 90 day license suspension for persons who permit the operation of an uninsured vehicle. Changes to the insurance requirements also now prevent a suspended registration tag from being transferred from one owner to another until the suspension has been fully served.

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