How to Avoid Fights with Your Ex at Your Child’s Graduation

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If your ex is prone to picking fights at the most inopportune times, consider the following advice. Whatever happens, don’t allow yourself to reach the point of no return and refrain yourself at all cost from ending up in an argument. Keep reading, to learn more.

High Tensions

Divorce is typically a situation that leads to a lot of conflict between you and your former spouse. In a high conflict divorce like this, the children often find themselves put in the middle. When the children are used to get an edge in an argument with your ex, it can make them feel like they’re being forced to choose sides.

A divorce like this can cause a great deal of issues for children. According to, children can become used to an argument occurring over everything, and sometimes even choose sides between their parents in hopes that the fighting will end.

The Effects On The Children

Arguments like these can interfere with holiday plans and visitation. Arguments between parents can occur concerning pick-up and drop-off times, which holidays will be spent with each parent, or which clothes or other possessions a child can take with them from house to house. If parents argue over visitation, especially in front of the children, it can lead to the children feeling stressed out, and less enthused about the holidays.

Grandparents can also add to the level of stress by saying negative things about their ex-in-law. This can increase the pressure that children feel to choose sides after an ugly divorce. If one or both parents remarry, their new spouse could also cause arguments between parents. This could lead to kids feeling uncomfortable with their living situation.

Keeping Graduation Stress-Free

Graduation is a very special celebration for your teen. They spent years working hard in school, and graduation is the time for them to celebrate their accomplishments. But, it can be difficult for them to feel good about their achievements if their parents are unable to set aside their differences.

It’s important that you and your ex communicate before the day of the graduation, and discuss how the two of you can keep things civil. Even if this means that each of you have a separate party to share in your child’s accomplishment, this is better than keeping them from one of their parents on such a special occasion.

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