New Local Rules of Court for York County

York County has revised the Local Rules of Civil Procedure effective December 28, 2009. While there are many changes and amendments, one of significance to family law matters is the ability to appoint the Divorce Master for the mediation of discovery disputes. This option is available whether or not grounds for divorce have been established. YCCiv. 1920.51(a)(2)(i). By appointing the Divorce Master early in a case, the parties and their counsel will be able to attend a discovery conference with the Divorce Master.

The Master will establish what information must be exchanged, which party is responsible for obtaining the information and the deadlines by which the exchanges must occur. A party who fails to comply with the discovery deadlines established by the Master can be subject to sanctions imposed by the Master. YCCiv 1920.51(b)(2)(ix). These rule changes should allow cases to proceed more quickly and efficiently in York County.

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