The Sobering Holiday Drinking and Driving Statistics

Holiday Drinking and Driving Statistics

The Sobering Stats of Holiday Drinking and Driving

The holidays season is a time for cheer, giving Americans the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also one of the most dangerous times to be on the road.

The increase of alcohol consumptions leads to a greater rate of incidents due to drinking and driving. In addition to heavier traffic on the road, holiday drinking and driving is the cause of increased casualties on the road.

Stats Reveal the Cost of Holiday Drunk Driving

The National Safety Council of the United States released the latest statistics about holiday road casualties through their Injury Facts 2015 report. During 2013, there were 343 traffic fatalities on New Year’s Day, 360 deaths on Thanksgiving Day and 88 killed on the roads during Christmas Day.

Of all the deaths during these 2013 holidays, at least 31 percent were a result of “alcohol-impaired fatalities.” Considering the fact that at least 245 holiday road deaths – nearly one-third – are fuelled by alcohol consumption, it’s vital that you take whatever measures needed to avoid getting behind the wheel after a few drinks.

Stay Within The Legal Limit

Even if you don’t feel intoxicated, you may be breaking the drinking and driving laws of Pennsylvania by having a bit too much to drink. The legal limit for drivers is .08% BAC, with penalties rising when you hit .10% BAC and .016% BAC or higher.

If you refuse to take a chemical test, you face a fine an automatic license suspension of one year. Each time you’re caught for a DUI or refuse to take the chemical test, the penalty rises. For a second DUI, you may get up to years in jail and a $10,000 fine, along with an interlock ignition device. Each time you refuse you can face two separate consecutive suspensions — one for the DUI and one for the refusal.

Stay Safe in 2016

Always arrange for alternative transportation or a designated driver to safely usher everyone home after a night out. This will avoid any incidents that result in legal troubles due to driving while intoxicated.

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