Harrisburg/York Criminal Defense Attorney Answers: “I have a warrant for my arrest. What do I do?”

Certain circumstances arise in criminal cases where a warrant may be issued for a person’s arrest. For example, if you miss a scheduled court appearance, a bench warrant may be issued for your arrest. Additionally, if the criminal offense or charge you are accused of committing is a felony offense, an arrest warrant may be issued for your arrest.

Regardless of the basis for an outstanding warrant for your arrest, it is imperative that you do not sit by waiting to see what happens. Failure to take a proactive approach can result in negative consequences.

To begin, no one wants to be looking over their shoulder as they go about their daily lives. If you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, that is the reality you are faced with. You could be pulled over for an unrelated, routine traffic violation and find yourself being detained in prison.

Further, whether you voluntarily and proactively address the bench warrant or you are separately taken into custody by police could be the difference between going to jail or not. Once you appear before a judge on the warrant, bail must be addressed. At that time, there are a number of factors the judge can consider in determining whether to send you to jail or to the street. Positive factors include, but are not limited to, representation by an attorney and voluntary appearing before the court.

If you think you may have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, contact a PA Criminal Defense Attorney today for a free, initial phone consultation.

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