A Divorced Couple Founded a Brand of Greeting Cards for Exes

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It has been said that adversity makes for strange bedfellows, and this maxim can be applied to many situations in life, including divorce. Of course, many couples predictably battle each other through the dissolution of their marriage because of negative emotions that have developed between them. However, some couples handle divorce collaboratively rather than as adversaries, leading to an unexpected, mutually-beneficial alliance.

Handling Divorce Like Adults

Far too many divorcing couples resort to tearing each other down instead of working together to make things better for everyone in the family. For example, Wanda and Kevin Bass did indeed require some time to get used to the idea of being friendly after their divorce, but this New Jersey couple managed to put aside their differences and focus on building a better life for their children, for themselves, and for each other.

At first, they focused on learning how to raise their children through co-parenting, which helped mend fences. When Mother’s Day and Father’s Day rolled around, they wanted to express their appreciation for each other as divorced parents who are devoted to their kids. But the ex-couple ran into a problem: neither of them could find the appropriate greeting card for the other.

Solving Divorce One Issue At A Time

Rather than complain about the lack of appropriate greeting cards for their situation, this divorced couple put their heads together and created a line of cards dedicated to families that have experienced divorce. The idea behind the enterprise revolved around building that missing empathy toward what is now a common social situation.

XCards’ slogan, “Not Together But Never Forgotten,” sums up the idea. Even though some couples aren’t able to stay together, that doesn’t mean these people didn’t have a positive impact on each others lives. If anything, the ability to get over divorce together shows a genuine caring still exists between exes.

Positive Outcomes To Difficult Situations

Divorce is commonly referred to as one of the most traumatic events to occur in life. When empathy, understanding, and communication are valued by both parties, former spouses can work towards positive outcomes.

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