How Do I Choose a Good Family Lawyer?

When you want a family lawyer or PA divorce attorney, chances are you will want a good one. So how do you choose one in Pennsylvania that will work well with you?

When dealing with things like family law, separation or divorce, and mediation discourse with child custody you need to work with someone you trust and is going to work hard for you.

Here are some things to do when looking:

Listen for Referrals

As soon as you mention you’re looking for a family lawyer, your friends and coworkers will say things like “Oh, call so-and-so, they’re the best.” This is always a good sign. A former client willing to refer a lawyer to you is a big deal. It means they had a good experience, and most likely won.

There are also “stay away from” referrals. Be sure to listen to these too. People who had a bad experience with So and So and Associates will be sure to tell you why. Maybe they felt treated unfairly, or unprofessionally?

Google Them

There is a good selection of family lawyers in Pennsylvania. So, if you are thinking about working with a particular firm, Google them. You can have a look at their website and maybe some of their recent victories.

You may also be able to find anything they don’t want you to see. A simple Google search should also uncover any unflattering reviews, blogs, or news items that you may want to be aware of.

Meet Them

Sit face to face with the people who want to work with you. You can tell at lot by how comfortable they make you feel and what your gut feeling says. You’re going to be working with them through some very emotional court cases that will affect your future, your personal life and your finances. Make sure you have a good feeling about them from the very start.

If you have any questions about family law in Pennsylvania, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. Shammy Peterson says:

    It was nice that you said that you must google the family lawyer that you are interested in to find reviews about them and to know their recent victories. My best friend met with me yesterday afternoon. She told me that she wanted to hire a divorce lawyer to get help in ending her marriage with her husband of four years. Her goal is to make sure that the entire divorce process is going to be smooth and stress-free.

  2. Charlotte Fleet says:

    My sister wants to fight for custody of her kids. I appreciate your suggestion to get referrals to good family lawyers. I'll have my sister get referrals to find a good lawyer for her custody case.

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