How Do I Fight a Traffic Ticket in Pennsylvania? – Step-by-Step Guide

traffic violations

You’ve been pulled over and you’re not happy. You have visions of your insurance going up and your bank account balance going down. Nobody’s favorite place to be. You already wonder how you fight a ticket in Pennsylvania. “Do I need a traffic ticket attorney?”

Here’s a quick look at what to do.

1. Be Polite When Pulled Over

The best way to fight a traffic offense isn’t a lawyer. It’s not getting a ticket in the first place.

If you don’t agree with what the police officer says, be polite and explain your case. Don’t be pushy or belligerent, or raise your voice or get defensive. And NEVER say something like “This is my third one and I can’t really afford this. Can we let this go?”

Polite and respectful people get off with far more warnings than people who yell and scream.

2. Review the Ticket

Carefully read the traffic ticket to understand the violation you are charged with and the details of the incident. Familiarize yourself with the specific traffic laws related to your citation. This will help you assess the validity of the charges against you.

3. Don’t Pay it Right Away

Paying the ticket right away cancels all your other options. Paying a ticket, automatically says “I’m guilty and I’ll pay the highest fine.” In most cases you have up to 90 days to enter a plea or pay the fine. Use it. But that said…

4. Don’t Wait Too Long

The biggest mistake that most people make is putting it off because they don’t want to deal with it. Or they angrily throw the ticket in a pile of mail and forget about it. That’s not going to help your case either.

You need to address the ticket and start fighting it right away.

5. Gather Evidence and Prepare for the Hearing

If your case goes to court, be prepared to present your evidence and argument. Collect any evidence that may support your case. This could include photographs, witness statements, or any other relevant documentation. You may want to consult with an attorney for guidance on building your case.

Read more about PennDOT administrative appeals and hearings

6. Call a Traffic Ticket Attorney

It makes sense to call someone who does this for a living—whose job is to fight traffic violations for people like you. Make sure you choose a firm who has experience fighting traffic tickets in Pennsylvania. An experienced traffic law attorney can challenge the evidence and circumstances surrounding a traffic violation as well as statements of the traffic officers.

If you hold a commercial drivers license (CDL), you’ll need reliable legal assistance from lawyers with proven success in helping clients affected by traffic violations.

Are you facing a ticket you don’t want to pay? Give us a call or request a free consultation to find out how we can help.

  1. Ishmael Samuel says:

    I would like to see help on 2 moving traffic violations in PA.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was stopped while teat driving my friend's car. I was cited for driving a uninsured vehicle and lack of registration as the owner. Can I appeal this?

  3. Deven says:

    How do I explain this I was testing my vehicle cause my significant other said there was a problem with the vehicle the cop didn't turn around till 20 minutes after he passed me came back after I was not in the vehicle the vehicle was off and parked and my fiancee switched to the driver seat he cited me for driving without a license he didn't flip his lights on till he was basically done he didn't ask for license registration or proof of insurance

  4. Miles smith says:

    I received a notice of arrest for citation from 2009 I don't remember the traffic but they telling in order to plead not guilty or guilty I must pay 97 dollars. Or a warrant will be issued for my arrest.

  5. Robert Arbogast Jr says:

    Here's what just happened to me, I live in Ranshaw Pennsylvania and yesterday I was pulling onto rt61 heading south in my 73 mustang Mach 1 on the way to get gas cause I was really low past empty, to the left side of me the coal township cops was out of his truck standing with a speed gun as I went around the on ramp and onto rt 61 south , as I went up the hill I was only going 45mph and than I moved into the passing lane to avoid another officer that had someone else pulled over than back to the right lane so I could go to Walmart to get gas . As I was pumping gas, a coal township cop pulls in front of me and than turns on his lights and asks me for my driver's license and registration, which I provided, he than tells me that my registration is no good which is just fine than says um your registration is good , lol I said well that's why I gave it to you. He than takes my driver's license and registration and tells me after 45 minutes that he's going to fine me for obedience to traffic control devices and for driving 61mph in a 40mph zone and he clocked me at the top of the hill at the plumbing outlet, and this fine which doesn't carry any points , but the speed limit is Not 40mph there it's 45 mph and the officer who wrote the ticket wasn't at the plumbing outlet he was a mile away at the off ramp, he didn't even start writing the ticket until 10 minutes later while I was pumping gas . My question is should I fight the ticket ? Or just pay the ticket? I'm not sure what to do as I know that I wasn't speeding, I drive a 73 Mustang Mach 1 and it's really nice and I don't beat the car , plus I was running out of gas to begin with so speeding wasn't even in my thoughts to do . I just don't want to have to admit to being guilty when I know that I wasn't doing anything.

  6. Wilhemina Appiah says:

    Hello, I just got a ticket for not stopping for an emergency vehicle to pass ( the police vehicle) . I was driving when a cop vehicle came behind me to stop. I was surprised coz I did nothing wrong, but the Cops said I didn’t stop when I saw his lights.
    Can you help me through this . I just immigrated to the USA in July

  7. Angie says:

    I got three tickets at once in Pennsylvania for driving a semi truck and a scenic route. I honestly did not see any signs, because of the heavy fog and I was looking down at the lines on the ground when I turned of a rural road to get on the road my truck GPS guided me to. I have no toll way on my GPS, the cop said that has happened to lot of drivers. I should have stayed on the rural road, but I thought it was going to turn into a no truck route or dead end. Is their any way to fight this?
    Angie Moland

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