How Do I Fight a Traffic Ticket in Pennsylvania?

You’ve been pulled over and you’re not happy. You have visions of your insurance going up and your bank account balance going down. Nobody’s favorite place to be. You already wonder how you fight a ticket in Pennsylvania. “Do I need a traffic ticket attorney?”

Here’s a quick look at what to do.

Be Polite When Pulled Over

The best way to fight a traffic offense isn’t a lawyer. It’s not getting a ticket in the first place.

If you don’t agree with what the police officer says, be polite and explain your case. Don’t be pushy or belligerent, or raise your voice or get defensive. And NEVER say something like “This is my third one and I can’t really afford this. Can we let this go?”

Polite and respectful people get off with far more warnings than people who yell and scream.

Don’t Pay it Right Away

Paying the ticket right away cancels all your other options. Paying a ticket, automatically says “I’m guilty and I’ll pay the highest fine.” In most cases you have up to 90 days to enter a plea or pay the fine. Use it. But that said…

Don’t Wait Too Long

The biggest mistake that most people make is putting it off because they don’t want to deal with it. Or they angrily throw the ticket in a pile of mail and forget about it. That’s not going to help your case either.

You need to address the ticket and start fighting it right away.

Call a Traffic Ticket Attorney

It makes sense to call someone who does this for a living—whose job is to fight traffic violations for people like you. Make sure you choose a firm who has experience fighting traffic tickets in Pennsylvania.

Are you facing a ticket you don’t want to pay? Give us a call to find out how we can help.

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