Where Does the Money From Pennsylvania’s Traffic Tickets Go?

Traffic ticket lawyer JanesvilleOccasionally, our traffic ticket attorneys are asked where the money from Pennsylvania’s traffic tickets ends up. Does it go to the city? Does it go to the state?

It’s a good question and The Unified Judicial System Of Pennsylvania recently released a helpful infographic that shows exactly how the funds are distributed.

Here’s a brief breakdown:

Emergency Medical Service – $10

Seventy-five percent of the $10 fee is deposited into the state’s Emergency Medical Services Operating Fund to support Emergency Medical Service (EMS) systems serving rural areas without Pennsylvania. Twenty-five percent of the money goes to the Catastrophic Medical and Rehabilitation Fund for victims of trauma.

Judicial Computer Program/Access to Justice Account – $10

Eight of the $10 fee imposed by Act 122 of 2002 is deposited in the Judicial Computer System Restricted Receipt Account. The remaining two dollars are deposited in the Access to Justice Account to provide legal representation in civil cases to those who can’t afford it.

Fine – $25 and up

Proceeds from traffic violation fines are shared by the state, counties and municipalities based on the law enforcement agency issuing the fine.

General Fund – $30 to $300

The surcharge, ranging from $30 – $300 based on the violation, is deposited into the state General Fund.

Court Costs – $37 (or $45 if a hearing is requested)

Proceeds from court costs (such as those levied on traffic violations) are used to support both state and county court costs.

If you have received a ticket in Pennsylvania and want to discuss your case, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our traffic ticket attorneys any time.

  1. Neal Weaver says:

    I was recently fined for running a stop sign and all of these extra charges have doubled. I do not understand why the fine is so low and we are made to pay into all of these other funds none of which have anything with the violation. If you have any helpful advice I'd appreciate it.

  2. Rasheed says:

    Our government and systems are organized criminals that hire small minded individuals to work decent paying jobs handling their corruptted dirty work so the state can collect money that the majority goes to some money hungry person(s). We aren't given books of laws or updates in documents. As citizens were are expected to know how every government workers job, all the laws, everything court related. Were expected to have lawyer money that's taxed to pay to protect us against the corruption judged by people who are small minded and can't see that were all taken for idoits.

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