Pennsylvania Criminal Expungement Law Passes Senate

Call a criminal defence lawyer in Pennsylvania to discuss expungement

Call a criminal defence lawyer in Pennsylvania to discuss expungement

There is potential good news for anyone seeking to have criminal charges expunged from their record in Pennsylvania.

In October, Senate Bill 391 was passed by the Pennsylvania Senate and is on its way to the House. The new measure would allow individuals to have their record expunged for certain misdemeanor offenses.

“A low-level misdemeanor in a person’s past can often serve as a continual barrier when seeking work, long after they have completed their sentence. My legislation proposes that the Commonwealth join a growing number of states that have expanded their expungement laws to reduce the period during which a minor criminal record can punish people,” said Bill sponsor, Senator Tim Solobay

“This legislation would benefit not just former offenders, but Pennsylvania as a whole, by countering high rates of recidivism, relieving an overburdened pardon system, and providing an opportunity for ex-offenders to join our workforce.”

Under the current Pennsylvania law, expungement is only possible under certain limited circumstance, such as: 1) when the charge was a juvenile offense; 2) when the charge is a summary offense and sufficient time has passed; or 3) if the charge was dismissed, such as after completion of ARD or by acquittal at trial.

Our criminal attorneys are closely tracking this legislation. Regardless of whether you think you are currently eligible for expungement, call us today for a free phone consultation. If you are not eligible now, we will take your information and make every effort to contact you if the law should change in a way that affects to your case.

  1. Frank Rakus says:

    Did Pennsylvania senate bill 391 pass the senate and the house of rep and signed into law .
    If so can my DUI be expunged .
    I pleated guilty in May 20 2009 to highest rate. I have no other offences from 2009 to this current date.
    Is this a non graded misdemeanor or a misdemeanor 3rd degree. .

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