What Inspires Tim Colgan to Practice Law

Divorce Attorney Timothy Colgan

The youngest of seven children, Tim Colgan knows the importance of family relationships and is passionate about helping other families navigate challenging situations.

Tim became a family law attorney because of his desire to impact people’s lives in a positive way. As a divorce attorney, Tim steps in when families are facing one of their greatest challenges. He provides clients with the same family law advice he would give a member of his own family and offers personal counsel to help achieve the best possible outcomes.

What influences helped Tim make the decision to pursue a career in family law? Keep reading to learn more about his story.

Why Practice Family Law?

Tim was first introduced to law by his oldest brother, who is a trial lawyer in Wisconsin. Before his senior year in college, he spent the summer with his brother where he shadowed his work. From this experience, Tim was able to see first-hand what it means to be a lawyer and how he could positively impact people’s lives.

Tim went on to attend Widener University School of Law. During his last semester, he was selected to serve in the school’s Civil Law Clinic where he handled many family law cases. It was through this experience that he realized he could make an immediate impact by focusing his practice on family law.

Now 21 years into his practice, Tim knows that being an effective divorce lawyer requires both empathy and honesty. Whether someone is dealing with divorce, child custody, matters of support, or all three, he knows the stress and concern it places on his clients.

As a divorce attorney, Tim is able to help clients avoid making self-destructive choices and rather think about the long-term impact their choices may have for them or their kids. Family law is how he uses his skills to help others and this is why he has chosen it as the focus of his practice.

Looking For A Divorce Lawyer That Truly Cares?

If you are in need of a divorce lawyer and want to find one who takes your personal matters as seriously as you do, look for someone who:

  • Gives you the same advice they would give a member of their family
  • Provides complete information to help you make good, informed choices
  • Helps you consider how your choices will impact the rest of your life
  • Handles your matters with empathy and honesty

When you your find yourself needing to answer the question, “Who are the good divorce lawyers near me?” be sure to find someone who demonstrates these qualities. Consider contacting Colgan & Associates for a no-cost consultation to discuss your matter today.

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